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"How Can We Help You Create A Profitable Online Business?"

From: Marguerite Bonneville
JSL Web Marketing Projects Manager

JSL Professional Services is no longer taking on new clients. Our business has changed over the past eight years from a web design services provider to an online marketing specialist. As such, we maintain a few select clients and joint venture partners as well as oversee our own web sites.

We thank all our past clients and partners for offering us the opportunity to learn and grow alongside you as we journeyed through the wonderful world of Internet marketing.

We wish you all the best on your own journey.

P.S. We can recommend two resources to help you build an online business:
  • One is Ken Evoy's Site Build It (SBI), an all-in-one web building and marketing package that was invaluable to us when we were starting out.

    To watch videos on a variety of successful home-based businesses created by SBI students, visit the I Love SBI page.

  • Our second recommendation is XsitePro, an inexpensive program that makes creating multiple web sites a breeze. You don't have to know HTML, SEO, Google Sitemaps or any of the technical aspects of web creation. Just load up a header graphic, type in your web content, and with the click of a few buttons - instant web site.

    You can create as many sites as you want in the program, which stores your most current version of each and uploads it to your host with one mouse click.

The key to a successful web business is (a) choosing the right market, (b) focusing on one task at a time, and (c) following through.

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